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Trumpet Lessons
We at the Zagaria Music Academy have customized techniques for trumpet players who would like to develop and hone their playing. We specialize in helping you play your instrument and sing at the same time.

Jeffrey Zagaria has developed a unique method that has helped many of his clients reach new levels of performance playing with their trumpet accompaniment.  

We also specialize in helping songwrite and arrange your trumpet pieces. Call us to schedule an appointment!
"Most teachers approach music lessons rigidly and systematically. I believe that everyone is unique and must therefore be taught in a truly unique way. In this manner, lessons can become alive and stimulating to both student and mentor. I personally have taken many lessons over my lifespan. As a student, I observed that great teachers create an atmosphere that encompasses more than the written note. Music is an expression of life itself; a gift from God. I always hope to share the inspiration received from the many great artists that I have been blessed to work with. I am especially indebted to my father who has been teaching music students for over fifty years. It is always an honor to share the knowledge and love of music that has been passed along to me."
Jeffrey Zagaria