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"Consider yourself blessed if you are fortunate to have Jeffrey Zagaria as a vocal instructor. Not only is he concise, meticulous and thorough in his teachings- he is a real joy for his students to be around. The technical and performance level of [the] artists that I send to Jeffrey increase substantially. I highly recommend Zagaria Music to any aspiring musician or singer."
Trevor Sugar
Producer Many Moods of Music
"I have been attending vocal classes with Jeffrey for over two years, and the progress I've made under his instruction has been more than I ever thought I was capable of. Not only have I improved as a performer, but his lessons have aided me through vocal rehabilitation and increased the stamina of my singing and speaking voice. He has a very relaxed and intuitive teaching style, tailoring each class to my unique needs. I am always impressed with his technical knowledge of the voice and his gifted ear for music. I always look forward to our weekly classes, and what I've learned has been invaluable in my profession. Jeffrey Zagaria is a wonderful mentor and a great friend. I highly recommend him as a teacher."
J. Gates
"I've been seeing Mr. Zagaria for a while, and the guy knows his stuff. He's a pro…it's not like if you go to some dude who'll just screw around and then take your money. I mean, he'll make sure you know what you're talking about. He's way flexible too, whatever you're trying to do he can help you out with it, it's not like he'll shoehorn you into doing this or that or the other. I'd definitely recommend checking him out."
Max V.