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Jeffrey Zagaria
Jeffrey Zagaria began teaching privately twenty years ago, following in the footsteps of his Father’s career. By the age of twenty six, Jeffrey's career shifted form part time music teaching to full time employment in music and voice. Over this time span, he has studied, performed, taught, and experimented with the voice. His vocal method is a result of these and other experiences. The Zagaria Vocal Method draws from three primary subjects of study. This new method developed by Jeffrey Zagaria, incorporates a scientific, athletic, and artistic study of the human voice. Zagaria's method draws from Twenty First Century Science, Professional Athletic Vocal Training, along with, The Art Of Performance, an artistic approach for performance goals.

Jeffrey Zagaria has performed with many famous artists including: Celine Dion*, Reba McEntire*, Gospel's award winning Richard Smallwood*, Maestro Charles Floyd (Natalie Cole), world renown "Boston Pops Orchestra" (John Williams, James Taylor, George Benson, Ben Folds and many others), Keith Lockhart, and most recently prophetic trumpeter, Ken Solty (James Brown). Zagaria also continues to perform in churches Nationally and Internationally.
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